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Top 25 Windows 10 Shortcuts That Save Your Time


Top 25 Windows 10 Shortcuts

Top 25 Windows 10 Shortcuts That Save Your Time -Hey, this is Taylor with the top 25 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 that save you the most time when working in Windows. They'll do this by learning how to split your screen multiple different ways, find your files and applications, multitask across multiple desktops, cascade your windows, shortcut your favorite program and so much more all in the name of getting you to happy hour. Shortcuts like this are the fastest way that I know of to double your productivity in whatever program you're working in and to make life a little bit easier for you, I've created a free pdf cheat sheet that you can download directly beneath this Post. 

Top 25 Windows 10 Shortcuts That Save Your Time 

Top shortcut number 1Windows search shortcut

which I believe is the most useful windows 10 shortcut you might not be using yet, and the Windows search shortcut is simply either hitting the windows key or the Ctrl + Esc key. Either one is going to launch what's now called Cortana, which allows you to hit the buttons, I'll hit the windows key and start typing something you're looking for. So if you want to find Excel, you can see Excel automatically pops up. If I type PowerPoint, notice I don't even have to continue to finish typing PowerPoint to have PowerPoint pop up. If you want to find your Bluetooth speakers or something like that, just type Bluetooth and you're gonna see Bluetooth and other devices pop up. This is the fastest way to find programs and system-level settings on your computer. You just simply hit the windows or Ctrl + Esc key type, which are looking for, I'm looking for my mouse now. You're going to see change your mouse settings pop up. Now you can use this to look for files, so top shortcuts on your computer. You even have a document filter up top, but this is not the fastest way. I don't recommend trying to find files through this windows search shortcut. I'll show you a better shortcut for doing that. This is for settings and applications only using windows or the control escape keyboard shortcuts.

top shortcut number 2: Your favorite program shortcut

which takes just a couple of seconds to set up and your favorite program or application shortcut is simply going to be the windows key plus the number one. And here's how it's gonna work. Here's a snapshot of my desktop. Notice I have these programs sitting at the bottom of my screen on my taskbar. Once you set this up, these become windows plus number, keyboard shortcuts. So Windows plus one, two, three, etc. Which makes sense for setting up your most frequently used programs here on your taskbar to create these easy to use shortcuts. Now I'm going to show you how to do this with Excel, but you can do this with absolutely any program on windows including the windows snipping tool if that's what you want to do as I show you in my other video. So the way to set this up, I'm going again, do Excel to set up this windows one keyboard shortcut. I'm going to first hit Windows search to just hit the windows key. I'll start typing Excel. I don't have to finish typing Excel for it to populate here in Windows. I'll right-click the program and select pin to taskbar, pin to taskbar. Click and drag it with your mouse all the way here to the left position. So this is the number one first position now of which if I just hit the Windows one keyboard shortcut, you're going to see Excel automatically opens and I'll use a shortcut to close it. So Windows one is now going to automatically open Excel. Allowing me to dive into my favorite program if Excel was it, so I could start saving time and if any time you want to remove the program you've pinned here just right-click, it's like unpin from the taskbar and that program is going to disappear. 

Top shortcut number 3: the file explorer shortcut,

which is the fastest way for finding files on your computer. So whereas the Windows key, the fastest way to find programs and settings Windows E is the fastest way to find your file. So hitting Windows Eis going to launch the file explorer, which is a much more robust system, just Windows e for searching through your computer. You have filtering options, you can sort, you can look for things, you even have search filters, and I'll talk about that shortcut and just a second. So Windows E is a super important keyboard shortcut and I don't recommend putting it here in the first position for your favorite shortcut because it simply has the windows E keyboard shortcut to automatically launch your File Explorer. 

Top shortcut number 4: the file explorer search shortcut

which you can double up onin your web browser too. So once you've launched your file explorer Windows E or you've dug into file explorer, you can always search your file explorer with Control E. So I'm gonna hit Windows Eto open up my file explorer. I'm going to click into my windows shortcuts deck. Now notice the search box. So instead of clicking in with your mouse at any time, just hit Control E and your cursor is going to automatically jump up there. So if I want to see shortcut number 12I just type 12 you can see the cascade shortcut pops open.If I want to see my snapping tool, the snapping tool shortcuts will pop up. Now the cool thing about this search folder and why it's better than the Window search, you can search by kind, size, properties, date modified. There's a lot of search functionality and options up here in your search box that I'm not going to get into, but you can get there Control E at any time. This also works, I'm going to hit windows two to open chrome, which is in the second position down on my screen in the chrome or most web browsers. If you hit Control E notice you pop up directly to the search bar, so control e when you're surfing the web, I will type our website nuts and bolts speed training there to search for something you can just Control E is automatically going to jump you up there. So it's actually a double-dipper keyboard shortcut top 

shortcut number 5: the switch application shortcut

which is your first of a few interesting multitasking shortcuts in windows 10 so your first multitasking shortcut is theAlt plus tab key to jump you between two of your most recently active programs.So here I'm in PowerPoint active. If I now move to the Word PDF cheat sheet that comes with this video If you want to download it hitting alt-tab is going to pop me back and forth between those two programs. Allowing me to maximize my screen space, right? I don't have to try to split my screen between the different programs which I'll show you how to do ina minute instead it allows you to be full screen and just switch between your two programs. This was the first keyboard shortcut I learned in the corporate world and it's one I still use to this day, so Alt-Tab and you can see this little black screen that pops up, which I'll show you how to freeze ina second is your first multitasking shortcut for saving time, working with multiple files at the same time. 

Top shortcut number 6: the application freeze shortcut

which is another way you can multitask between different programs. Your second multitasking shortcut is Alt Control Tab. So whereas Alt-Tab will jump you between your two most recent programs holding the control key in there with there and letting go is going to open up your switch application dialogue box, allowing you to click into whichever programs you want. So there's PowerPoint, here's a word, and then I could alt-tab between those two most recently active programs, if you want to jump to a third program control alt-tab is going to pop open all of the open applications. So this is just another way or preference that you can jump between and multitask between files here in windows10 which leads us to the newest way to multitask in Windows 10 

top shortcut number 7: the new Windows 10 multitasking view shortcut. So instead of hitting Alt plus the tab key to switch applications, now you can also hit the Windows key plus the tab key to open up this new multitasking view. So the Windows tab is going to open up. You're going to see all of your open programs. And the newest thing is you can now scroll through the most recent documents you've worked on here in the multitasking view. So the Windows tab will show you not only the programs you have to work with, not only the most recent programs that you've been working with, but this is also where you can manage your virtual desktops. And I'll talk about managing these virtual desktops and flipping between them in just a second. So this is yet another way windows tab that you can choose, this is a personal preference if this is how you want to switch programs and multitask in Windows 10.

Top shortcut number 8: the switch virtual desktop shortcut

which is good for setting up three, four, or more documents that you want to work on at the same time. Your switch virtual desktop shortcut isControl Windows plus the left or right Arrow. But first, you need to set this up. So hit the windows tab on your keyboard to open up your multitasking view. So here on my second virtual desktop, you can add as many virtual desktops as you want. Let's say I want to work on this excel file, and I also want to work on this pdf cheat sheet here in Word. So here on my second desktop,if I click on it, I'm only going to see my word document and my excel document. All right, which I can Alt-Tab between hereon my second virtual desktop. If I Windows Control to the left, I'm gonna move back to my other desktop, where I have this PowerPointfile and this folder. So here on this first virtual desktop, I can alt-tab between the two as I'm working away. When I then want to work on my excel and word document, control windows to the Right Arrow, and I can then flip between just those two documents. So in this way you can create multiple virtual desktops that you can then flip between multiple files and anytime just windows tab, you can click into a virtual desktop and just click and drag files onto the other desktop if you want to work on them there. 

Top shortcut number 9: the minimize all windows keyboard shortcut

which I like to call it the desktop drill. If you're like most people I know you're probably using your desktop as an open place holder for your active folders or files that you're working on, which can be problematic for finding those files when you have a bunch of different windows open like this, so this is where the Windows D desktop drill or minimize all your windows keyboard shortcut Windows D comes in handy so Windows D will immediately take you to your desktop, minimizing all of your open or active windows. If you don't open anything,if hitting Windows D, the second time we'll bring everything back into its place that you already have open. But if you do Windows D there is the keyboard shortcut pdf you can download directly beneath this video that I want to work on. As I open that up now Windows D will just keep that one open and all my other windows will stay minimized. So this is a super-fast way if you to use your desktop as an open place holder from working on your files to find the files that are buried beneath all your active windows on your desktop. 

Top shortcut number 10 minimizes all but one windows shortcut 

Let's say that I have this folder open and I want to Windows D get this word document into that folder. The question is how do you do that without all right? Having to minimize all of these windows individually, what you need to do is simply grab the window this is just a mouse keyboard shortcut and shake. So for example, if I grab this window and with my mouse, I click and hold and I shake. Notice that I minimize all windows except the open window so that I can then click and drag. All right, that document here into this folder, windows shake again and all of the other windows will open up. This is also useful. Alright, there's a window shake. Imagine if this was my email server.I want it to windows shake down. I wanted to grab something, attach it to an email window shake back open, and all of the other applications will open again. Just make sure that when you're doing this, you give it a sharp little shake and a sharp little shake. Again to activate the shortcut. So that's your minimize all but one window mouse shortcut. 

Top shortcut number 11 windows snap shortcuts

your split-screen windows or windows snap shortcuts and your split-screen shortcuts are really four different keyboard shortcuts, but I'm just going to count them as one for this video. So windows plus the left, right up or Down Arrow keys. And the way this works, let's say I want to split screen this PowerPoint file out windows to the left. Windows will automatically assume that I don't already have a window split here will give me some options. I'm going to split this between my pdf shortcut cheat sheet, which you can download directly beneath this video with all these windows shortcuts. So here is a double split screen. I can select my PowerPoint file and windows up to create the third split. You can even go to the fourth split if you want, but basically, you're just using the windows up, right, left down Arrow keys to creating the different splits and as long as you have, don't have something split there. Alright, windows to the left, you're going to get the option to split another working document and I'll show you a cool PowerPointtrick in just a second. But another cool thing is you can set up windows control to the right. If you set up multiple virtual desktops, I will windows to the right snap that one. You can have two files here or three files or four files. Snapped like this, control windows to the left. You can have two more files like this. So this is another way that you can create a unique multitasking scenario if you're working with a ton of different files and you need to flip back and forth between them. Now one cool little PowerPoint trick here is that not a lot of people know about is if you split your PowerPoint files, you can actually take one slide from one presentation and just drag it into the other, which creates a copy of those slides. I'll take these holding shift, I'll drag them over there. This is a fast way. If you work back and forth between presentations in PowerPoint to get slides from one presentation into another. If you want to learn a bunch of other cool PowerPoint hacks and tricks like this, check out my free mini-series in the description box below this video. 

Top shortcut number 12 number 13the cascade un-cascade shortcuts. 

Your cascade un-cascade shortcuts is a combination of right-clicking your mouse and hitting the d or the U key, but you have to right-click your taskbar. So in this case, look, I have all these open files. Let's say I want to cascade them all. I just right click and hit d. All of my files will cascade, allowing me to either come through and close them out by clicking these x's and I'll show you a keyboard shortcut for doing that in a minute. You could also click to find your the program you're looking for. If you right-click and hit U, it will bring all of your files or open windows back to how they currently were or previously were. So right ClickD will cascade quickly, right-click, U will Un-cascade. The key is you do have to right click your taskbar to make those keyboard shortcuts work. 

Top shortcut number 14 the show windows stack shortcut

which is a fast alternative to snapping cascading your open windows. Another cool shortcut off of your task part is to right-click it and hit E to see all of your windows stacked, which will help you work with lots of files and windows. So if I have a bunch of windows open,if I hit alt control tab, you can say have a bunch of different files open. If I want us to see them stacked on my desktop, I can right-click and hit E, which will stack all of my open windows and these little miniaturized windows, right-click. U will undo that. So right-click E will stack all of the multiple windows you have open you can find the window you want, snap it to the sides of your computer screen and create that split-screen effect. And here, I'll split the screen with my PowerPoint file. So that's, your right-click your taskbar Estack windows keyboard shortcut. 

Top shortcut number 15 your cycle application shortcut

which works great when working with your Microsoft Office documents. The cycle application shortcuts control F6 and what that does is cycle whatever program you're in. So if I'm in a word, all right, notice I have two-word files open.If I Alt-Tab, I'm going to pop back to PowerPointbecause that's where I just was. But if I'm in Word and I hit Control F6I'm just going to cycle between whatever word files I have open so I don't have to worry about my excel or my PowerPoint files. If I then go back to PowerPoint, I come to cycle applications and I ControlF6 I'm just going to cycle through, which will save you a bunch of time from otherwise having to find the file that you want to work on next. 

Top shortcut number 16 the close file shortcut

which you can double dip on with the multitasking view shortcut windows tab. The windows 10 close file shortcut control w which will close out the file without closing out the application.So for example, here is an excel file it's open, it's blank. If I hit Control W I willclose out of the file, but Excel stays open so I can continue working in it, opening new documents, et cetera. But if you have multiple right here, I have one PowerPoint file open, here I have two PowerPoint files open. If I hit Control W on this PowerPoint file, that entire window will close because I still have this application open. So control w is a fast way, right? To just close out of a file you'reworking on and if you've made an edit, so I've edited that I control w it's still going to ask you to save so you're never going to lose your work when you use Control W to close a file and to multitask off it in the multitasking view.As you start to walk around here, you can control w keyboard shortcut to close out of these different files, which here if there's no more file open and we'll also close out of the application. So that's a little double-dipper keyboard shortcut for control w that you can use in the multitasking view shortcut windows tab on your keyboard. 

Top shortcut number 17 the close application shortcut

hich is a more intense version of the close file shortcut hitting Alt F4 on your keyboard. Will close out of your file and your applications. So if I come to that pdf cheatsheet that I keep opening, you can download directly beneath this video. If I hit Alt F4 and I've made no changes Word and the file you can see, Word is no longer open. Whereas if you're in a file so you don have to worry about losing your work, if you change something Alt F4 it will ask if you want to save your changes before you actually close out of the file and the program and where you can use this as a double-dipper with the Windows D keyboard shortcut. So Windows D to your desktop Alt F4 will actually launch you are shut down windows operation hit enter and your computer will start to shut down, automatically sleep, et cetera. So that is your Alt F4 close application or actually even close down your computer keyboard shortcut. 

Top shortcut number 18 the new application shortcut

which is great for moving things around with file explorer. The new application shortcut is just controlled N which will create a new instance control N we'll create a new instance of whatever application you're currently in. But where this really is useful. If I hit Windows E to launch my file explorer, let's say here in my file explorer, I want to crawl through some of these different folders, but I want to drag folders in between so I can hit Control N to also create a new file explorer windows left arrow will snap it, I will snap or a split screen with this one. This now allows me to dig through the different files on my computer and you know, start to drag things left to right, et cetera. So that is the Windows New application shortcut, which is extremely useful when creating split screens with your file explorers to move files around your computer. 

Top shortcut number 19 the create a new folder shortcut. 

Similar to the new application shortcut control N. If you throw in a shift key, you can create a new folder on your desktop or in any file explorer window. So if I Windows E to open file explorer, let's say I'm here in this window ControlShift N will start a new folder that I can name, I'll name it Taylor's folder, hit enter Control Shift Nwill create another one. That's just the fast way you can create a bunch of new folders to move files around in file explorer or if you're on your desktop or Windows D control shift N will create a new folder here as well.So that is the new folder, keyboard shortcut control shift N on your keyboard. 

Top shortcut number 20 new office file shortcut

the create new office file shortcut for quickly loading up the new folders you create in file explorer. Once you've created some new folders, you can right-click w and select to load up your new folders with new office files. If I just windows D to come back to that new folder I created just a second ago, if I now want to load this up with new office documents I can right-click and W will open up this little flywheel that lets me add right a Microsoft word document, Taylor's word document. Let's say that this is a project. So I'm also going to right-click I'm gonna need an excel file. I'm going to right-click I'm not going to name it. So there's just a fast way that you can throw a bunch of different document types into a folder without having to first open the file, save as et cetera. You can then open these and they will start as new blank files that you can work with. So that is the create new office file shortcut, right-click with your mouse within a new folder, hit w, and just simply select what you want to create. 

Top shortcut number 21 your file explorer navigation shortcuts 

which also work when surfing the web. Your navigational shortcuts are Alt plus left arrow to move backward and Alt plus right Arrow to move forward.So if I Windows E, open up my file explorer and I dig into, all right, this folder, I'll dig into another folder. Alt left Arrow is going to walk me back the same direction I, I just came from and Alt forwardarrow will walk me forward. Now it's important to know that this is only following your history of how you walked through your folders. All right, this is not jumping you up a folder level which you can click up here to jump up a folder level, so this is just all left Arrow to walk you back. All right Arrow to walk you forwards, which is the same keyboard shortcut you can use for going forwards and backward in most modern web browsers. 

Top shortcut number 22 the preview file shortcut 

which saves you from otherwise having to open and close a bunch of files to find what you're looking for. A great shortcut for the file explorer Alt plus P to preview a file before you have to open it. So if I open up a file explorer, let's say that I'm not sure which one of these documents is the one I want to find. So I just select the file Alt P. Will open up a preview pane and you can see exactly what that file looks like before you open it. Now if I click on a word document, you can see, I can also scroll through the document to find or see if this is the actual file before I actually open it. So this is a super-fast way to quickly view your files. Now just one little head up because this does use your system ram. When you're not using it. I would just hit Alt P to close back out of it. So that's Alt P to open or close the preview pane in your file explorer. 

Top shortcut number 23  document property shortcut

the document property shortcut for quickly getting information about a file or folder. To see the properties for a file or folder in windows 10 simply hold the alt key and double click it with your mouse. So if I Windows D my desktop, I'm trying to save space on my computer, I can Alt Double-Click to immediately see how big this folder is when it was created or there are some other security settings. But generally, I'm just looking for size. So if I want to see this folder Alt double click, this one's only six kg double click, this one 703 megabytes, so there's just a fast way. Then if I open up a folder, Alt double click will show you all the property details for that file as well. So that is the file or folder property shortcut and just hold the alt key on your keyboard and double-click with your mouse. 

Top shortcut number 24  screen clipping shortcut

one of my personal favorites, the screen clipping shortcut. Now in Windows 10, you have a couple of applications to help you clip your screen. You have the new windows ink workspace and you have the snipping tool which i show you how to shortcut in my other videos here on Youtube, my favorite screen clipping shortcut andis Windows Shift S which used to be a OneNote shortcut, but now it's just windows 10 windows shift S will white-out your screen. You can click and drag. All right,to snip whatever part of it you want, and if you paste it into a newer version of PowerPoint, you're now going to get these new slide design ideas. Which is a fast way to create slide backgrounds, which you can check out my other video if you want to see how to leverage this best. But the great thing about adding your screen clippings here in PowerPoint is if you Shift F5 you can, if you have a pen or with your mouse control P is the inking shortcut. If you don't have a pen, you can create this inking scenario. All right? But when you hit escape and select keep, this becomes a second layer on top of your PowerPoint slide. You can also another advantage, I talk about my other videos. All right, is you can add annotations or banners and stuff like that. So that is my favorite way to clip my screen in windows 10 with the Windows Shift S shortcut. 

top shortcut number 25 action center shortcut

your action center shortcut for finding your system-level settings on your computer and your action center shortcut is just windows A, hitting windows A will open up some of the most frequently used things you'll probably want to do on your computer,which is why it made this top 25 list. All settings, change your networks, tablet mode, airplane mode, change the brightness, see what kind of Bluetooth devices you have connected to your computer Windows A will open them all up you even have a project to other monitors, which will save you a bunch of time Windows A, when you want to do these things on your computer. 

Now yours might start to collapse. Simply Click expand to see all the different options you have here with the Windows A keyboard shortcut. And that wraps up these top 25 keyboard shortcuts that save you the most time when working in Windows 10 and we'll start to double your productivity. And if you want to grab a pdf cheat sheet of these top 25 keyboard shortcuts and see additional resources that will help get you to happy hour. Just look for the links directly beneath this video. This is Taylor from nuts and bolts sleep training, and I'll see you at happy hour. 

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Thursday, 15 October 2020

How To Protect Your Phone From FRP ( Factory Reset Protection).

 In today's post, we will tell you how to protect your phone from FRP (factory reset protection).Frp means factory reset protection, when we hard reset any smartphone, then it gets a lock of an object which we call the lock. In This Post Today, we are going to give you complete information about How to protect your phone from FRP.

How To Protect Your Phone From FRP

FRP lock (factory reset protection)is advanced security protection of smartphones, It works on almost all smartphones.FRP lock works in today's Android phone version from 5.1 up to as high as the Android version. When we reset any Smartphone, then the phone becomes active in that phone, You cannot open or use that phone until it is off.


After On FRP Lock, he asks you to log in to his Android phone, Gmail account, and password, You cannot use your phone without login to it. In today's post, we will try to tell you completely how to stop your phone from FRP.

How does FRP work

1. After the reset Your Smartphone Then Frp Is On Your Phone.

2. If the Android version of your phone is 5,1 or above, then whenever you reset your phone, the Frp lock will become active on your phone.

3. If you have a 3G phone or an old version of Tuch phone, Frp will not work on it.

3. Frp does not work on smartphones with Android version 5.1, if you have an Android version less than that, then you should be absolutely sure.

4. If anyone resets her factory data after her phone is stolen, then her screen will open in the evening,He will be asked to enter his Gmail ID and password. we cannot use this phone without logging into his Gmail account.

5. If you unlock your phone's pattern lock or password lock, then the Frp lock will be activated on your phone.

In which smartphone will it work

Talk here, from which Frp do you work the lock on the smartphone I want to tell you that Frp is a new security that will be installed on all smartphones after resetting it. Some may be on the company's smartphone, it may not work wrong.

If you talk about some phones that are being locked, then you have a list of some phones in front of you, Due to which 100% reset of the phone, you may face an FRP LOCK.

1. Samsung- In this phone, you will get 101% to see a lock,If you have the latest new Samsung Smartphone, then you must read about How to protect your phone from Frp, Because you can have a lot of problems. You cannot quickly bypass Samsung's new phone, it may require you to go to a shop.

2. Xiaomi-  Frp lock works on the phone as well, if you have a Xiaomi phone, then you can save your phone from corruption by using the method described below.

3. Oppo- Frp lock works on this phone, but it can be easily bypassed, But if you want to avoid the frp lock, then you must follow the step given below.

4. Vivo-If you have a Vivo smartphone, then you must follow the method mentioned before hard resetting your phone.

5. Realme- This is the most problem, if there is a frp lock in your phone, then you will have to bypass it online.

These were some of the smartphones on which the Frp lock works, apart from that there are many phones that support the Frp.

How to stop FRP

After resetting your phone, I am going to tell you some important tips to avoid being locked out Which you follow well, whenever you hit your smartphone reset or for a moment, then your phone will never be locked in your phone.

This is going to tell the way, this method works on almost all smartphones.

1. Whenever you create a Gmail account on your phone, remember the login ID and password of that Google Account, So that whenever a lock is on your phone, you can easily do it bypass.

2. Must add a mobile number for recovery in the Gmail account logged into your phone So that if you do not know his password, then you can change your password by password forgetting in another phone. After changing the password, you can easily log it into your phone and bypass Frp Lock.

3. Whenever you hard reset your smartphone, then you must know the login password of Gmail in your phone Or if you do not have a password, change it by forgetting it. Till now Gmail is logged in your phone, till then you can easily change its password without knowing it.

Note - Now I am going to tell you how it works in all smartphones, so read it carefully.

  1. Whenever you restore your smartphone, first of all, you should go to your phone's settings and remove Google account, If you do this, you will never find an Frp lock on your phone.

We are going to tell you some of these steps, all these smartphones will work almost in the evening, so you will have to read it carefully.

1.First Go to your phone's settings.

2. Now you will get the option of Account and Sync below, you have to click on it.


3. Now you will get the option of Google below, click on it.

4. Now in front of you, Created Gmail will show id on your phone, Before resetting your phone, you have to remove all Gmail accounts. Here you click on your Gmail.


5. Now below you will see the More Option, you have to click on it, after that, you can click on the Remove account and remove your Gmail account from your phone.


If you reset your smartphone by following this method cup, then you will never have to face a Frp lock. And you can protect your phone from corruption.

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Last World

 So by following this method, you can protect any Smartphone From Frp.I hope You Enjoy My phone,If You Have any problem please comment in the comment box.

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How To Remove Mi Account | Xiaomi Account Remove

 Hello friend, today we are going to tell you in this post how to remove Mi account/Xiaomi Account Remove. Mi account is also a service provided in the phone, using which you also give the sensing data given in the phone with the cloud, Phone Finder Service, Phone Lock, can also use Flash Sales Offers, Mi Games, Mi Themes, Etc. Xiaomi Redmi (Mi) has given very good themes for its users, If you want to use those themes, then you have to create your Xiaomi account, If you also have an account, then you can use those themes.


Sometimes after creating an account, it sometimes happens that people forget the password they create while creating an account With which we restore that redmi phone to that user, then the account becomes active on his phone too, which asks that user the password of their mi account,If you know the password of your account, you can unlock your account by entering that password. People who forget the password of the account have to face a lot of trouble. Today we will tell you in this post that you can also mi account remove without password.

What Is Mi Account

Now you must be wondering what is this Mi Account? And what is its use? So if you are using the Xiaomi Redmi phone or are thinking about taking this phone, then it is important for you to know about Mi account. Mi account is required for all Redmi (Xiaomi) Device. Now we will know important things about Mi account and many things related to Mi.

This Phone Has many services like Phone Lock, Syncing Data with Mi Cloud, Mi Games, Phone Finder Service, Mi Themes, Xiaomi Account Remove, etc.

But to use all of these, the user needs to create a Mi account. It means to say that like Google Play Store is used to download any application and for this, it is necessary to create a Google account. Similarly, to use all the services of Xiaomi, it is necessary to create a Mi account.

In Xiaomi Phone, some apps are pre-installed which we can use without Mi ID, but there are many other apps that need to create an ID to use. If you also want to use the entire service of Xiaomi Phone, then you have to create Mi Account for that.

How To Remove Mi ( Xiaomi ) Account Permanently

If you also want to remove Mi account Permanently,If you know the password of your mi account, then you can easily bypass mi account, very aften it happens with some people, either the phone number or the Gmail account from which the Redmi account is created. Shuts down or they don't remember Gmail's password,


If you go to a mobile repairing shop in the market to get a Xiaomi account removed, then you have to pay a lot of money for this and your time also gets wasted, today we are going to tell you the way you can go home yourself You will be able to unlock your Redmi account sitting.

Important Tools To Unlock Mi Account

it is very important for you to have Miracle Box 2.58 setup, If you do mobile repairing then you must have a miracle box. Miracle Is One Of The Best mi accounts removes tools. Today we will tell you how to remove the account from Miracle box.

Step 1. Press Volume Up And Power Key At The Same Time.

Step 2. Now an image will show on the screen of your phone in which you have to connect your mi phone to the computer through data cable.

Step 3. After connecting the phone to the computer via data cable, now open the Miracle box.


  • Click the Android option above.
  • Now Click adb Extra Option.
  • Now you Also Click Remove All Lock.
Step 4. after waiting a few Min, your account will be deleted.

Warning: I have shared this method only for your knowledge, so please use it correctly.
Note: This method works in some Xiaomi phones, it may not work on the latest Xiaomi device. We will definitely share it in front of you as soon as the latest method comes.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

How to Read Samsung Mobile Firmware

 Hello friends, today I am going to tell you in this post how to read Samsung Mobile Firmware. What is a flash file, these people will know very well that people who want to know how to read Samsung firmware/flash files? When we flash Samsung mobile, due to some reason, due to just flashing, the mobile will not become dead We make flash file (firmware) backup of Samsung mobile before flashing it.


 I am going to tell you completely about how to backup the firmware/flash file of Samsung Mobile. If you flash any Samsung mobile, read and save their firmware (flash file) with them Then for some reason, if the mobile is dead, then you can make his firmware back up again, then his mobile will flash, it will flash your dead mobile.

What Is Firmware

Firmware is a sort of programming that is inserted with your equipment, Firmware is programming introduced at the hour of assembling any equipment, including equipment, for example, consoles, hard drives, BIOS, realistic cards. Also, notwithstanding te printer or any of your home apparatuses like TVs, microwaves, and clothes washers, and so on it comes implanted in it. Firmware has guidance projects to perform fundamental elements of any equipment, so the firmware is additionally called "programming of equipment".

How to backup Samsung mobile firmware (flash file)

It is very important to have a firmware backup, As I mentioned above, if you do mobile flashing or do the work of flashing when you come to install a customer software, So you directly install the firmware on his phone. Friends, this happens many times, maybe it happened to you at the time of software installation if our laptop or computer is turned off Or disconnected during flashing from the mobile, your phone will try the software Unbrek Problem. If you have the original firmware of that phone, then you can flash dead mobile and open it. 


 If You Want To read firmware files, You must have an Android dump to backup the firmware of Samsung Mobile, Android dump is software from which we can make a backup of Samsung Mobile Mobile firmware. So let's see how to backup the firmware/flash file of Samsung Mobile.

 Step 1: First of all, open the setup of the Android dump tool on your computer. 


 Step 2: Now connect the mobile to the computer by downloading it.

How To Open Downloading Mode?

If you want to install firmware in Samsung mobile or read firmware bin file then you have to first move the Samsung phone to the download mode, Without the download mode, you can install the software and not read flash file of Samsung.
  •  Power Off Your Phone.
  • Press the Volume Down + Home + Power button Same Time.
  • Press Volume Up Button To Continue
  • Now You Phone In Downloading Mode.
Step 3: When your mobile is connected to the computer, then the device will show your mobile device. 


Step 4: Now Click Read Data Option. 

 In this way, you can read the firmware (flash file) of any Samsung mobile.

 Note: Maybe it does not work on any smartphone, if there is any solution, I will share it with you soon.

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Friday, 18 September 2020

How to Install Software in Android Mobile

 We are going to tell you in this post How to Install Software in Android Mobile. As you all know, the more mobile we use, the more our mobile hangs, but today many companies are facing software related problems on mobile, due to which our mobile is closed. Does not turn on again.

How to Install Software in Android Mobile

Then when the mobile goes bad or there is a problem related to the software, then you take the mobile directly to a mobile repairing shop, where you do not know about it and ask for money of your choice.

But friends, if you know how to run a small computer, then you can put software in your mobile and you can avoid robbing them at those shops and save your money, now you must be thinking that How To Install Software in android, Let us tell you that How to Install Software in Android Mobile.lets see How to Install Software in Android Mobile.

How to Install Software in Android Mobile

I'm going to tell you the easiest way to install software in ded mobile, With which you can install stock ROM in just minutes.
How to Install Software in Android Mobile
To download mobile software and put it on your mobile, some things are required, with the help of which you can easily put software on your mobile, let's know what is the most important thing to put software.

Important tools for mobile flash

1 .Laptop/Computer:- The most important thing to put software in mobile is a laptop or computer with the help of which you will put software on your mobile.

2. USB Data Cable

3. USB Driver-

4. Flash Tools-

5. Firmware Flash File- 

How To Put Software In Android Mobile

Now we are going to tell you How to install the software on a laptop, If you follow the steps given below, then you will definitely be successful in putting software in your mobile.

How to Install Software in Android Mobile

 Now we are going to tell you How to install the software on a laptop, If you follow the steps given below, then you will definitely be successful in putting software in your mobile.

Find You Model On Google

First of all, search on Google and download the Stock ROM Firmware Flash File of your Mobile's Model Name or Model Number.

How to Install Software in Android Mobile

Ex- If you have to install the software of Redmi Note 9 So you can search on Google, Redmi Note 9 Prime Firmware Flare / Stock ROM / Flash File, you can download the file from here.

Download USB Driver For Android

You should download the driver for your mobile model, you will also find it in your mobile flash file, if not found then you can download it from Google.

Download Flash Tools

Download the flash tools of the phone you are flashing from Google, you will find these tools in your flash file as well.

  1. First of all, connect your mobile to your computer or laptop using Data Cable.
  2. Then the name you downloaded in Flash Tools was Scatter, now find the Scatter in Flash Tools and click on it.
  3. Friends, now you have to first open the SP Flash Tool in your computer and then click on Scatter-loading in the SP Flash Tool
  4. Now browse the firmware in your stock, in which you will find the name android_scatter The file has to be opened after which the software will start loading in the sp flash tool and will be completed in no time, as shown in the picture below.


How to Install Software in Android Mobile

Now you have to click on the download button present in your SP flash tool, after which your mobile software will start downloading and when 0% starts appearing after 100%, then the battery has to be released from your mobile and your mobile You have to connect with USB cable as soon as you connect the mobile, after that the software will start loading in your mobile and you have to wait few min.

  1. This process can take about 5 minutes to talk, you will get a green signal. After which the software will be installed on your mobile.

How to Install Software in Android Mobile

Last Word

Yes, friends, how did you like our post today,we told you that How to Install Software in Android Mobile.

We hope that you will get answers to many of your questions here today, if you still have some questions in your mind, you can also ask us by commenting in the Comment Box, We will reply you soon.

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