Redmi 8A Edl Point -Mi 8a Test Point

In this post, we are going to tell you about Redmi/mi 8A edl point/edl mode.Edl Point is known as Emergency Download Mode, it is used to unlock the bootloader of the phone. If your phone is locked You unlock your phone's bootloader, you cannot unlock it, in this process you will have to take your phone to Edl Mode.


If your phone is of Qualcomm processor, then your phone will definitely support EDL Mode or Emergency Download Mode, However, not all Qualcomm based devices support this. However, today, Meditech Processor Phone is also being used to unlock the bootloader.

 Redmi  8A is a very good smartphone of the Xiaomi brand, due to its camera quality and battery backup, it runs a lot, the Redmi 8A comes with a Qualcomm processor, due to which it has become stronger to take it to Edl Mode.

There can be many reasons behind switching to Redmi 8A edl Point if you want to flash the stock ROM in your phone or to unlock your phone, then, in this case, you will need edl mode. If you want to install or update your own Redmi 8A phone then you have many options to flash new stock ROM on the device using Recovery Mode or using fast boot mode.

Redmi 8A Test Point - MI 8A Edl Point

Lets Seen Image And Follow This Step To Connect Redmi 8A In Edl Mode.


How To Connect Redmi 8A In Edl Mode

1. First, open back cover of Redmi 8A ( Be careful when removing the back cover of the device )

2. Remove To Battery Cable ( Battery not required for EDL mode )

3. Now Use tweezers To Short 2 Red Dot Point, As shown in the image above.

4. Now plug the USB cable On Your Device.

5 . Your phone has now successfully gone into EDL mode, now you can see the Qualcomm HS USB QDLodar 9008 port in your computer.

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