How To Remove Mi Account | Xiaomi Account Remove

 Hello friend, today we are going to tell you in this post how to remove Mi account/Xiaomi Account Remove. Mi account is also a service provided in the phone, using which you also give the sensing data given in the phone with the cloud, Phone Finder Service, Phone Lock, Etc. Xiaomi Redmi (Mi) has given very good themes for its users, If you want to use those themes, then you have to create your Xiaomi account, If you also have an account, then you can use those themes.


Sometimes after creating an account, it sometimes happens that people forget the password they create while creating an account With which we restore that redmi phone to that user, then the account becomes active on his phone too, which asks that user the password of their mi account,If you know the password of your account, you can unlock your account by entering that password. People who forget the password of the account have to face a lot of trouble. Today we will tell you in this post that you can also mi account remove without password.

What Is Mi Account

Now you must be wondering what is this Mi Account? And what is its use? So if you are using the Xiaomi Redmi phone or are thinking about taking this phone, then it is important for you to know about Mi account. Mi account is required for all Redmi Device. Now we will know important things about Mi account and many things related to Mi.

This Phone Many services like Phone Lock, Syncing Data,Mi Cloud,Phone Finder Service, Mi Themes, Xiaomi Account Remove, etc.

But to use all of the Program for mi, the user much needs to create a Mi account. It means to say that like Google Play Store is used to download any application and for this, it is necessary to create a Google account.

In Xiaomi Phone, some apps are pre-installed which we can use without Mi ID, but there are many other apps that need to create an ID to use. If you also want to use allservice of Xiaomi Phone, then you have to much create Mi Account .

How To Remove Mi ( Xiaomi ) Account Permanently

If you also want to remove Mi account Permanently,If you know the password of your mi account, then you can easily bypass mi account, very aften it happens with some people, either the phone number or the Gmail account from which the Redmi account is created. Shuts down or they don't remember Gmail's password,


If you go to a mobile repairing shop in the market to get a Xiaomi account removed, then you have to pay a lot of money for this and your time also gets wasted, today we are going to tell you the way you can go home yourself You will be able to unlock your Redmi account sitting.

Important Tools To Unlock Mi Account

it is very important for you to have Miracle Box 2.58 setup, If you do mobile repairing then you must have a miracle box. Miracle Is Best mi accounts remove tools. Today we will Give you Simple Step how to remove the account from Miracle box.

Step 1.  First Step Press Same Time Volume Up And Power Key.

Step 2. Now an image will show on the screen of your phone in which you have to connect your mi phone to the computer through data cable.

Step 3. After connecting the phone to the computer via data cable, now open the Miracle box.


  • Click the Android option above.
  • Now Click adb Extra Option.
  • Now you Also Click Remove All Lock.
Step 4.  Wait For One Min You Account Has Been Deleted.

Warning: I have shared this method only for your knowledge, so please use it correctly.
Note: This method works in some Xiaomi Device, it may not work on the latest Xiaomi device.

I hope you Like My Post, If you did not understand my post if you have any problem at all, then you must ask us in the comment below.

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