How To Protect Your Phone From FRP ( Factory Reset Protection).

 In today's post, we will tell you how to protect your phone from FRP (factory reset protection). Frp means factory reset protection, when we hard reset any smartphone, then it gets a lock of an object which we call the lock. In This Post, we are going to complete information about How to protect your phone from FRP.

How To Protect Your Phone From FRP

FRP lock (factory reset protection)is advanced security protection of smartphones, It works on almost all smartphones.FRP lock works in today's Android phone version from 5.1 up to as high as the Android version. When we reset any Smartphone, then the phone becomes active in that phone, You cannot open or use that phone until it is off.


After On FRP Lock, he asks you to log in to his Android phone, Gmail account, and password, You cannot use your phone without login to it,lets read and just follow some step to protect your phone from frp.

How does FRP work

1. When We reset Any Smartphone, Then Frp Is On Your Phone.

2. If the Android version of your phone is 5,1 or above, then whenever you reset your phone, the Frp lock will become active on your phone.

3. If you have a 3G phone or an old version of Tuch phone, Frp will not work on it.

3. Frp does not work on smartphones with Android version 5.1, if you have an Android version less than that, then you should be absolutely sure.

4. If anyone resets her factory data after her phone is stolen, then her screen will open in the evening, He will be asked to enter his Gmail ID and password. we cannot use this phone without logging  Gmail account.

5. If you unlock your phone's pattern lock or password lock, then the Frp lock will be activated on your phone.

In which smartphone will it work

Talk here, from which Frp do you work the lock on the smartphone I want to tell you that Frp is new security that will be installed on all smartphones after resetting it. Some may be on the company's smartphone, it may not work wrong.

some phones that are being locked, Due to which 100% reset of the phone, you may face an FRP LOCK.

1. Samsung- In this phone, you will get 101% to see a lock,If you have the latest new Samsung Smartphone, then you must read about How to protect your phone from Frp Because you can have a lot of problems. You cannot quickly bypass Samsung's new phone, it may require you to go to a shop.

2. Xiaomi-  Frp lock works on the phone when we reset the Xiaomi device

3. Oppo- Frp lock works on this phone, but it can be easily bypassed, But if you want to avoid the frp lock, then you must follow the step given below.

4. Vivo-If you have a Vivo smartphone, then you must follow the method mentioned before hard resetting your phone.

5. Realme- This is the most problem, if there is a frp lock in your phone, then you will have to bypass it online.

These were some of the smartphones on which the Frp lock works, apart from that there are many phones that support the Frp.

How to stop FRP

After resetting your phone, I am going to tell you some important tips to avoid being locked out Which you follow well, whenever you hit your smartphone reset or for a moment, then your phone will never be locked in your phone.

This is going to tell the way, this method works on almost all smartphones.

1. Whenever you create a Gmail account on your phone, remember the login ID and password of that Google Account, So that whenever a lock is on your phone, you can easily do it bypass.

2. Must add a mobile number for recovery in the Gmail account logged into your phone So that if you do not know his password, then you can change your password by password forgetting in another phone. After changing the password, you can easily log it into your phone and bypass FRP Lock.

3. Whenever you hard reset your smartphone, then you must know the login password of Gmail in your phone Or if you do not have a password, change it by forgetting it. Till now Gmail is logged in your phone, till then you can easily change its password without knowing it.

Note - Now I am going to tell you how it works in all smartphones, so read it carefully.

  1. Whenever you restore your smartphone, first of all, you should go to your phone's settings and remove Google account, If you do this, you will never find an Frp lock on your phone.

We are going to tell you some of these steps, all these smartphones will work almost in the evening, so you will have to read it carefully.

1.First Go to your phone's settings.

2. Now you will get the option of Account and Sync below, you have to click on it.


3. Now you will get the option of Google below, click on it.

4. Now in front of you, Created Gmail will show id on your phone, Before resetting your phone, you have to remove all Gmail accounts. Here you click on your Gmail.


5. Now below you will see the More Option, you have to click on it, after that, you can click on the Remove account and remove your Gmail account from your phone.


If you reset your smartphone by following this method cup, then you will never have to face a Frp lock. And you can protect your phone from corruption.

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 So by following this method, you can protect any Smartphone From Frp.I hope You Enjoy My phone,If You Have any problem please comment in the comment box.

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